Fort Pitt Grammar School Local Governing Body

The Fort Pitt Thomas Aveling Academy Trust (FPTA) Board has the overall legal responsibility for all aspects of the academies schools and delegates specific responsibilities to the individual Local Governing Body (LGB) as stated in its Scheme of Delegation. Currently some members of the Trust Board sit on the LGB of each school.

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For a list of roles, responsibilities and attendance please download the pdf bellow:

 Local Governing Body and Business Interests  Download
 Local Governing Body Attendance  Download
 fortpittbullet  Miss Nicky Archer  Headteacher Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Mr Martin Stanford  Chair of Governors LGB Parent Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Ms Catherine St Ville  Vice Chair, Governor LGB Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Ms Francoise Estivin  Governor LGB Teaching Staff Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Dr Richard Hopkins  Governor LGB Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Mr Emeka Madueke  Governor LGB Parent Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Mr Micheal Maple Governor LGB Support Staff Trustees TBC
 fortpittbullet  Mr Paul Murphy Governor LGB Parent Trustees
 fortpittbullet  Vacancy
 fortpittbullet  Vacancy

Former Governors (Resigned or Ended Term in the Past Year)

Mrs Ruth Du Lieu – 25.09.19
Mrs Helen Klimkowicz – 08.11.19
Mrs Sylvia Meade – 04.11.19
Miss Selina Dhesy – 06.11.19
Mr Tim Watts – .06.19
Mrs Maria Boultwood – 05.04.20
Mr George Perfect – 20.04.20